Why do men in low-level male dominated industries (e.g. mechanics) display pornography but men in high-level male dominated industries (e.g. management) keep it hidden?

In transport companies, farm floors, building sites and other male dominated low-level professions there is a great amount of displayed female nudity on walls and vehicles.Yet in management offices and generally at the top of hierarchical organisations, which are at least equally male dominated, I’ve never seen pornography openly displayed. Some may have had some in their desks or on the pc but never out in the open. Given that in the animal world it seems that the dominant individuals get more sex and more overtly display this than the others this is puzzling: why do the dominant males in human hierarchical organisation have to be more cautious about sexual displays than the less dominant males (notice that this says nothing about who actually has more sex). For my best guess approach, see Decoding Humanity: A Short Story of Individual Motivations, Groups, and Societies.

Bas Jacobs (University of Amsterdam) argues that individuals who are more in control of their urges are more productive. The fact that managers and other individuals in the top of organisations then do not display pornography is then a signalling device for their higher productivity. What is crucial is that performance is hard to measure at that level of organisations. Where performance is easier to measure (at the bottom and in many male-dominated low paid professions), such a signalling serves no further purpose and hence pornography gets displayed there.

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