Protect Your Data By Knowing Your Data Rights

Today, in this internet world everything is online and digital. Everyone is using social media websites and online services. The huge amount of data which your shares online spread around the world rapidly. Do you think it is good and safe?  No, it’s not; it is very tough for you to control and maintain your data. From here comes the necessity of protecting the data. Data protection is very important no matters whether it is personal or professional.

Data protection is a way by which you can secure your crucial data and information from settlement, privation, and fraud. The outstanding rates in the growth of the data enhance the significance of data privacy. There are some rights for you by which you can protect your data.

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Data protection rights are very beneficial for everyone as this will assist you to assure that your data is authentically precise, used for only declared motive and only remains with a specific one. By the data protection rights companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google etc. are responsible to secure your personal data. There are some data rights provided to you by which you can protect your data.

  • Right to Information

Whenever any company or organization takes your personal or corporate information then you have right to ask and receive the information about the name, contact details of the company who stored your data, also you can know the reason, type and all the related details of your data which they have.

  • Right of Access

No matters how the company or organization gathered your data, you have the right to know who will be going to access your data. You can ask for the details of the information and copy of information from the data holder.

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  • Right to Regulate Processing

When the precision of the data is controversial or any such circumstances you can request the company and government organization to cease or remove or limit your data usages.

  • Right to Oppose

When a company or organization using your personal data in direct marketing, scientific research, statistics, automated decision and many such situations you have the right to oppose the utilization, accumulation, and storage of your data.

  • Right to Data Portability

You have the right to transfer your personal data from one company to another. That means if you want to use a new online service you can take the data from the previous service in a computer-readable format file.

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The Bottom Lines

Data sharing has many advantages and sometimes it becomes important for performing the regular task. But it’s not safe and comes with many risks. A data can show much about any person which can be handled very carefully. It becomes very harmful if your data goes in the wrong hand. That is the main reason why government focusing more on data protection thus provides several data rights which will become beneficial to secure your data. Hence, know more about your data rights to protect your data. Hope this article aware you about your data rights. Do share your feedback if you like this article. Read our blog for more articles like this.

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